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STEP 1: Your needs and ideas

We ask that you accumulate a collection of notes, pictures, and/or sketches that will help convey your needs and desires to us ( & are great resource). In addition, take some current digital photos of your existing room and, if possible, a few quick dimensions of the space being considered for remodeling.

STEP 2: Free consultation

You are welcome to drop by our showroom and introduce yourself, but calling ahead will assure that we will have set aside the hour that is needed to thoroughly discuss your potential project.  During this consultation, Carolina Cabinetry and Design will review all the pertinent information regarding your project and help define and/or refine your priorities.  We will also advise you as to the feasibility of the project in regards to timeline, investment, and other expectations.  For most clients, understanding the investment needed and defining what that includes is a top priority.

STEP 3: Establish budget

After spending an hour together, we will have a good feel for your project and what it will entail to bring it to fruition.  Likewise, you will have a better understanding of the ability and value that Carolina Cabinetry and Design can offer you. If you feel confident that we are a good fit for the project you are considering, the next step would be to schedule an in-home appointment. This step requires a design retainer that is based on the size and complexity of the project. This retainer is later applied towards the project cost.

STEP 4: Design your space

In order to produce a professional and comprehensive proposal, we need to visit your home.  During the visit we will ask more questions based on the priorities we had set earlier. We will photograph, sketch, and dimension the area(s). This allows us to take in to account electrical, plumbing, and framing considerations. All products that are used in the project must also be specified and their respective quantities noted.  A detailed scope of work must be written to coincide with the design concept.  In addition, there will be conceptual drawings that explore design ideas for your special area(s).

STEP 5: Presentation & written scope of work

Carolina Cabinetry will call to schedule you back to our showroom once your drawings are completed. Here we will explore the conceptual drawings and suggest product options as well as review the scope of work for your project. Through our discussions we will refine, and better define, the drawings and scope of work. We will also discuss the proposed investment.

STEP 6: Contract signing and deposit

After the design, product selection and scope of work have been finalized. Carolina Cabinetry and Design will take the final drawings and selections and create a proposal. We will have a second meeting in our showroom to review the working documents that will be signed by both parties and a deposit will be collected to commence the project.

STEP 7: Pre-construction meeting

Approximately a few weeks after contract signing, we will meet with you at your home for a pre-construction meeting. At this time, job site details such as: product delivery, home access, job site protection, and scheduling will be discussed. This meeting also provides an opportunity to discuss any special needs or details prior to the commencement of your project.

STEP 8: Work begins

This is the working phase of the project. The length of this phase can vary from a few days to a few months depending on the size and scope of your project. Throughout this phase, you will become very well acquainted with our personable in-house craftsman. You will also see your project manager or designer stop by at frequent intervals to assure all the details are carried out as planned.

STEP 9: Project completion

During this phase of the project all the details and remaining items come together to complete the finished look. At this time, increased job site visits and effective communication help bring the project to a close in a timely manner.

STEP 10: Final job site review

The final step in our process is for your designer or project manager to perform a final job site review to see that everything has turned out as planned and that you are completely satisfied with the outcome. With your permission, Carolina Cabinetry will take photos of your completed project to help inspire other homeowners that are just embarking down the remodeling road illustrating that the process is simple and enjoyable!